The Journey into the Unknown

For me travel is a huge part of my life.  It has given me opportunities that I thought would never be possible.  I grew up traveling consistently to the USA to visit family since my mum is American.  This meant I am also a dual citizen.  Being a citizen of the United States comes with so many benefits, especially now with strict visa/immigration laws in the USA.  In 2014 I went to Chicago for the first time (even though I had been to the Chicago airport 10+ times before that) and I absolutely fell in love.  I had spent 4 weeks living in River North while doing a Health Information Management Internship in the Loop.  From then on I decided I was going to move to Chicago.  I went back to Melbourne, finished my Masters and got a job with an American Health IT Company.  Right away they sent me to Kansas City for training and then from there I was traveling to Brisbane every other week with trips to Cairns, Mackay, Sydney and London fully paid for (I did work hard though, of course).  It just goes to show there are jobs out there that allow you to travel.  After two years I decided it was time.  I had some experience, I quit my job, sold all my stuff and said goodbye to my awesome friends/family and life in Melbourne.  I bought a one way flight to Chicago with no plans.  It has now been nearly 5 months and I have had the freedom to travel around the USA and Canada while also spending quality time with my family.  So here I am, not knowing whats next so I thought id start a blog and share my experiences.  I plan to include my experiences of moving overseas, solo backpacking, minimalist travel, itineraries and planning, Contiki reviews, volunteering overseas, along with past travel experiences to other countries around the world.  So stay tuned.


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